The Importance of Safety Programs

  Safety programs within the workplace are not only necessary, but vital for a safe and effective workforce. Employees want to know that they’re working for a business that not only cares about their safety, but also will take measures to prevent accidents from happening. The key to a successful safety program begins with the… Read More »

Why Employees Stay…

You’ve spent time recruiting, screening, hiring, on boarding, and training a brand new associate. Just to have them leave a few months later. Very few things can be more frustrating than consistent turnover. Below are some ideas we recommend in order to help retain your workforce. We hope you find some success with these ideas.… Read More »

5 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Trends for 2019

Created as a response to war-time emergencies, Logistics is a field of business that has grown at breakneck speed to affect almost every aspect of daily life. From the source that ships your coffee beans and the route it takes to arrive at your local Starbucks – to the facility that houses the fabric that… Read More »

The Current Labor Market

The year 2019 might be a quiet year when it comes to world events (other than Star Wars: Episode IX in December, cause Star Wars!) What about our economy and the labor market? Are we continuing to experience challenging hiring dilemmas similar to 2018? Have you seen an influx of ambitious recent college graduates or… Read More »

The 3 Keys to Employee Retention

With the current employment climate as constricted as we’ve seen it in almost 50 years, employers find themselves looking for solutions and ideas on how to retain current employees, AND also find new talent as employees change jobs and business grows. In the staffing world, retention of employees is a whole different beast than traditional,… Read More »

Do Your Customers Love You? Here’s One Way to Find Out…

We’re committed to helping you succeed – it’s our passion. Each month, we will be sharing valuable industry insights and business tips targeted to help those we serve…YOU! We really hope to interact in a new and innovative way. Today, for the inaugural edition of “Premier Pages,” I want to talk about  Net Promoter Scores… Read More »